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  1. The Carnal Christian   Open in New Window
    Many professed Christians have no quarrel with sin and, apart from a few sentimental expressions about Christ, no biblical evidence that they have experienced anything of the power of the gospel in their lives. Yet in spite of the evidence against them, they consider themselves to be Christians. -by Ernest C Reisinger

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  2. Is there such a thing as a Carnal Christian   Open in New Window
    ..this brings in this whole idea of Lordship, because those are the people who accepted Jesus as Savior, but not as Lord. Those are the people who said, "I don't want to go to Hell, and I want you to save me from Hell and I want you to forgive my sins, but I just don't want you to run my life. -by John MacArthur Jr.


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  3. A Brief Refutation of the Carnal Christian Heresy   Open in New Window
    The Necessity of Sanctification - Today's main heresy regarding sanctification completely divorces sanctification from justification in such a manner that the necessity of sanctification in the Christian life is completely denied. Sanctification is said to be optional for believers. This is the heresy of antinomianism. The ancient form of antinomianism was Nicolaitan Gnosticism. The modern form that plagues "evangelicalism" is dispensationalism. -by Brian Schwertley


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  4. Carnal Christian?   Open in New Window
    There is in our day a teaching that has become very popular, and this teaching nullifies in the minds of many the clear and unmistakable truth of 1 John 3, that a man saved by the grace of God will be a man who seeks day by day to walk from the defilement of sin. There is a teaching in our day, which has negated the clear implications of 1 John 3. -by Albert N. Martin


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  5. Rethinking the Doctrine of The Carnal Christian   Open in New Window
    [PDF - Adobe Acrobat]
    Rethinking a much abused Text of 1st Corinthians 3:1-15 concerning the so called Carnal Christianity. Christians do not need a change in recognizing lordship, but a change in perspective, since the incompatibility of true spiritualism and the spirit of disobedience is clearly delineated in scripture. -by Brian Borgman


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  6. True Gospel of Christ vs. False Gospel of the Carnal Christian   Open in New Window
    There is rampant in this age a false gospel of carnal Christianity which has deceived many souls. The vast majority of Christendom today have not bowed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. These are on sinking sand and are an easy prey to such a teaching which has permeated our land and our pulpits. So our purpose is to bring out the true gospel and the false, showing clearly the warnings from Godís Word that we should not sow to the flesh, but rather to the Spirit. -by L. R. Shelton, Jr.

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  7. Are There Carnal Christians?   Open in New Window
    The expression 'carnal christian' is not a New Testament term. In fact it is a complete contradiction in terms. A Christian is a 'Christ-One' - joined in vital relationship to Christ as Lord and Head, and by virtue of this union, indwelt of the Spirit of God. All that is connoted by the adjective 'carnal' is the very reverse, and savors of that which is earthly, sensual, devilish. -by James R. Graham


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  8. The Assurance Of God's Grace And Our Salvation   Open in New Window
    You are perhaps aware of the controversy that erupted a few years ago upon the publication of John MacArthur's book The Gospel of Jesus. That book was an attack on "easy believism," or what many of us grew up knowing as the idea of the " carnal christian." In this scheme, assurance is an immediate and inevitable consequence of faith, and faith is simply an agreement that Christ is the Savior and a looking to him to save me from my sins. -by Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn

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  9. Romans 7 and the Normal Christian Life   Open in New Window
    I do not believe that Romans 7 is depicting a deficient condition experienced by those Christians who choose not to be victorious (the so-called carnal christian). No, I believe that this is a description of the normal christian life. The reasons for this interpretation are spelled out in great detail elsewhere. by Kim Riddlebarger


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  10. The Troubling Marks of Disdain   Open in New Window
    An Investigation of the Doctrine of carnal Christianity - Immorality, indifference, divisions, factions, heresies, and a mere semblance of love sordidly mark evangelicalism in our day. We find ourselves in a day of peril, in which it has become incumbent upon the bride of Christ to turn her attention to this debilitating infirmity. by Pastor Kevin D. Hartley


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  11. They That Take the Sword Shall Perish with the Sword   Open in New Window
    Article by Gilbert Beebe (1800 - 1801) on the issue of Christians taking up guns, weapons, arms or ingaging in warfare. Is it really a Biblicaly justified practice, or is it merely carnal thinking masqurading as righteous indignation or Duty?

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  12. The God-Fearing Woman   Open in New Window
    The calling of a christian woman in the fear of the Lord, whether married or single, is perhaps the most difficult in the kingdom of God. A girl is viewed by men today in carnal lust and with unchaste thoughts. The emphasis is upon sex, so that, to be popular, a girl must be shapely, beautiful, and suggestive. A girl is viewed as something which is intended to arouse passions in men. Who is the God fearing Woman? -by Rev. Carl Haak

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  13. The Term Amillennialism   Open in New Window
    Amillennialism, the doctrine both of the Bible and historic Christianity, has always been the authentic confession of the christian faith. It is found in brief form in the oldest confession of the christian church, the Apostles' Creed. The term a-millennial (literally non-millenial) is a rejection of a certain idea of the millennium, namely, that of a carnal, earthly kingdom in this present creation of the glorified Christ on earth. by Rev. Thomas Miersma


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  14. Perseverance of the Saints   Open in New Window
    There are those theologians who seem to be infatuated with convoluting and over complicating the litigation of scripture. For example those who make an artificial schism between "Eternal Security" and "Perseverance of the Saints." We should not be confused by long platitudinous essays purporting distinguishing qualities. There is no "real" difference between Perseverance of the Saints and Eternal Security. i.e., it is not possible to lose salvation. -by Tony Warren

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  15. Romans Chapter 11   Open in New Window
    A verse by verse exposition of Romans chapter eleven. The book of Romans is considered by many to be one of the most profound, and yet simply stated writings in the entire Bible. And chapter eleven has become one of the most controversial chapters of the Bible because it deals with the hot button topic of the salvation of Israel. -by Tony Warren

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  16. War and the Sermon on the Mount   Open in New Window
    The Sermon on the Mount poses difficult if not insoluble problems for Christians. It contains teachings by Jesus that are seemingly impossible to live by, yet Jesus lived by those teachings. All those professing loyalty to Jesus, are called to imitate the life He lived. by Thomas R. Thompson


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  17. Directions for hating Sin   Open in New Window
    Richard Baxter's exposition of the sin of Man-pleasing is a fine example of his skill as a pastor and physician of souls. He is firmly in the Puritan tradition of calling sin what it is, but with clarity, balance, and compassion.

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  18. The World Passeth Away   Open in New Window
    The things that are seen are temporal. Ours is a dying world, and here we have no continuing city. But a few years,-it may be less,-and all things here are changed. But a few years,-it may be less,-and the Lord shall have come, and the last trumpet shall have sounded, and the great sentence shall have been pronounced upon each of the sons of men. by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)

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  19. The Scriptures and the World   Open in New Window
    Not a little is written to the christian in the New Testament about "the world" and his attitude towards it. Its real nature is plainly defined, and the believer is solemnly warned against it. A.W. Pink (1886-1952)

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  20. The Christian and the World   Open in New Window
    The christian is plagued by three great, powerful and subtle enemies- "the world, the flesh and the devil." They are terrible foes which must be overcome if we are to be saved. by I.C. Herendeen

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  21. The Saint and the World   Open in New Window
    Thou art required, O man! to die to thyself, thy sin, and the world; and to lead a holy, harmless life, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This thou art to do, not with a view to merit anything at the hands of God, but from a principle of love to him, who performed and merited all for thee, and died to save thee. by John Arndt (1555-1621)

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  22. What Art Thou?   Open in New Window
    Are you a sinner on the road to misery; or are you a saint on the road to blessedness? One of these you must be. There are but two masters. Christ and Satan; two roads, the narrow and the broad; two destinations, heaven and hell.

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  23. Which World Am I a Citizen of?   Open in New Window
    Showing that in order to understand the true nature of repentance, we must necessarily know the distinction between the old and the new man; or, how in us Adam must die, and Christ live; or, how in us the old man must die, and the new man live. by John Arndt (1555-1621)

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  24. What Constitutes Biblical Christian Music   Open in New Window
    Is christian Rock or Rap music Biblically acceptable? The question of "what type music" is Biblicaly appropriate for the Church is one which has been a controversial subject for many years. Contemporary or classic, it has made many Christians throw up their hands in frustration asking, "what really constitutes Biblical christian music, and how do we really know which view is correct?" -by Tony Warren


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  25. Secular Humanism   Open in New Window
    [PDF - Adobe Acrobat]
    There was a time only a generation ago when premarital sex was the exception not the rule. Now teenagers are having sex at a younger and younger age. Many are even sexually active in junior high school. Men and women who desire to maintain their virginity until marriage are considered freaks. The secular humanists are running rampant. -by Brian Schwertley


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